Action Water Sports

Action Water Sports is Michigan's one-stop-shop for all your water sport's needs. If you are looking for a new board or ski, demo it at our lake before buying. For any other equipment, visit "TheWakeHouse.com"

Sans Rival

The hottest new ski on the market – Sans Rival. The acceleration and turning ability makes it the highest performing ski available. With the finest quality Austrian engineering, you will enjoy this ski for years to come. Take your skiing to another level with Sans Rival!


MasterCraft is the number one boat manufacturer in the world. That is why Ty's Water Sports exclusively uses MasterCraft boats.

Thomas Gustafson Photography

Thomas Gustafson provides the very best water sports photography in the world.


You are what you eat. Vega is simply the best. When competing in tournaments around the world I depend on Vega products to give me the perfect blend of the nutrients I need to perform at 100%.